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Ferdinando Fontana - Visual Artist  











Ferdinando Fontana is a prolific visual artist, growing up in Italy and London. Educated at Central St. Martins, his art focuses on the medium of sketching, painting and model making.


Bringing an amazingly beautiful sculpture-like construction to his work, Ferdinando has embarked on an artistic mission to tirelessly explore proportion in all forms of anatomy, putting flesh on the barest essentials discernible to the human eye and working towards building up the most intricate patterns to be found in the natural world.


Drawing from both life and from anatomically correct sculptures, Ferdinando offers to hold up a mirror to nature to celebrate a visual world we are all familiar with, but doing so from his own unique perspective.


8th Wonder Creatives are delighted to be representing Ferdinando Fontana. For enquiries about his portfolio or commissions, contact the creative team.







Bacchanal,  2013

The Prodigal Son, 2013

Neptune & Triton  2013

Pieces from Ferdinando Fontana's recent portfolio.

Working in the medium of Graphite on watercolour paper.​

Bernie, 2012 (work in progress)

The Sluggard, 2013

Athlete Wrestling with a Python, 2013

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