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John Klark, Playwright Joins Client List

July 2013



John Klark, graduate of the prestigious Royal Court's Young Writers Programme, dynamic playwright joins the 8th Wonder Creatives client list. Having over a decade of playwrighting behing him, John speaks of what inspires him and his thoughts on the state of the theatre today, in his latest interview. He is also a mentor of the 8th Wonder Creatives Exchange which provides workshops and support for upcoming playwrights and artists.

8th Wonder Creatives officially launched in December 2012 in London, the essential city for all artistic talent. Based in London and with a professional team of artists, public relations and marketing experts the company has grown to secure up and coming and established artists and writers. In May 2013, 8th Wonder Creatives became a member of the BlueGen Group to benefit in providing our clients a range of digital marketing services.

8th Wonder Creative Launches in London

January 2013



Wild India, Joins Client List & Prepares for New Exhibition

June 2013



Usually somewhat reclusive, Wild India is preparing for her first major exhition affer being focussed on producing work for private collectives. 8th Wonder Creatives are delighted to have secured Wild India as a client and are now preparing for the launch of the exhibition and portfolio selection.  

The Creative Exchange is Here

May 2013

John Klark's New Play Premieres - Barefoot

August 2013



"A really suprising, funny and touching piece"  - Audience member.

John Klark's Barefoot premieres at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.  After a heavy night in Soho, Becca and Naomi wake up in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, surrounded by history and women's struggles.

Featured: Lucy Rafton (Left, courtesy of Northern Lights Management) and Jo Gerard (Right, courtesy of North of Watford Actors Agency). Photo courtesy of Neale Myers, Future Proof Media.

John Clarke Developing New Play - To The Dam

October 2013





A monologue charting a journey of self-discovery from valley bottom to hill top in the contemporary North-West of England. From the Chartist movement of workers' rights in the 1840s, to the rights of individual freedom of expression in the 2010s. From parenthood to the life of an artist.


Amal Abdullahi Author Joins the Client List

November 2013





Amal Abdullahi has over a decade of translation authoring work and is an expert in the field of lanaguge and dialect analysis. Fluent in five languages including French, Arabic, Somali, Italian and Spanish Porteguese and English and has recently completed work on a specialist Somali to English phrase book Qamus (2012, editor).




John Clarke Has Something to  Say - Verbally Challenged

Blue Tape and the Creative Process

November 2013





On 13th November Manchester's Contact Theatre challenged playwrights to write a script for a showcase. John Clarke produced a 10-minute script in response to the following quote by TS Eliot: “you are the music while the music lasts” exploring themes of youth and rebellion.


John Clarke's Blue Tape (2013)  showcased. Our creative agent Potsuki speaks to John Clarke and supporting actors about the new play and the creative process of putting on this show.






John Klark's - The Way Men Breathe Trailer

Longlisted for Bruntwood Prize 2013 for Playwriting

January 2014 





8th Wonder Creatives is delighted to announce that John Klark's  play The Way Men Breathe has been longlisted for the Bruntwood Prize.  The play will be shown at the Kings Arms Salford on 17th and 18th January 2014.








Promotional Trailer for The Way Men Breathe



The making of the trailer for The Way Men Breathe.



 Rehearsal shot at Kings Arms Salford



John Klark's - The Way Men Breathe, Interview






March 2014

On the 17th-19th January 2014, John Klark's The Way Men Breathe ran at the Kings Arm Salford. Our creative agent Potsuki caught up with the playright and the actors to get a behind the scenes interview. 






Hack Ballet Join the Client List

December 2013





Hack Ballet is a London based contemporary ballet and dance company, producing a myriad of dance productions worldwide. Founded by Briar Adams in 2012, Hack Ballet seeks to create high quality original work with reference to the great themes of the 20th and 21st centuary in dance.






John Clarke, Playwright - Interview

December 2013





John Clarke  has been writing plays for over a decade, and is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Court's Young Writer's Programme. He shares his views on today's theatre and insight into his new work including Fringes.







Blue Saifon Poet & Visual Artist Joins Client List






March 2014

Blue Saifon is poet who has spent her early career performing in London Poetry spots, including the famous The Poetry Cafe. Her poetry and art work is inspired by her time growing up in East London and experiences of life with a British-Indian heritage. Blue Saifon is now working on her first collection of poems for publication.







We believe that nurturing the next generation of artistic talent is an important thing. 8th Wonder Creatives has launched the Creative Exchange, a hub for developing writers, artists and musicians. The focus on an exchange of ideas and work through workshops, seminars and mentoring of talent with established artists. Contact the 8th Wonder Creatives Team to find out how we can help you to find your creative space and voice.


8th Wonder Creatives are pleased to annouce that we are partnering with London's new private gallery for emerging artists London Southend Gallery. We are the gallery's sole artist management and PR creative agency and are delighted to be working on this partnership.






























8th Wonder Creatives Partners with London Southend Gallery

June 2014



John Clarke's To The Dam appears at 24:7 Theatre Festival

May 2014




John Clarke's To The Dam will appear from 18th-24th July at the 24:7 Theatre Festival starring Jo Gerard. The team at 24:7 and Creative Agent Potsuki caught up with John to find out more about this play, rehearsals and the main character Lisa. 









Creative April Launches

April 2014





We are launching Creative April, 30 days of creative exchange and show casing our creative clients. Follow on Twitter to see daily featured artists and updates.









8th Wonder Creatives Facebook Page Launches

May 2014




We are pleased to announce the launch of the 8th Wonder Creatives Facebook page. Follow to keep updated with the latest news and updates from our creative clients.








John Klark's New Play To The Dam Tickets on Sale

July 2014



Radio Interview with John Klark's on North Manchester FM

July 2014



Listen to John Klark's discussing his new play To The Dam  on Manchester North FM. The play premieres on 18th July as part of the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester.

























Reviews of John Klark's To The Dam

August 2014

Interview with Singer Songwriter Jude Perl

November 2014



Jude Perl is a singer/songwriter and piano player from Melbourne Australia. Her music and voice has often been likened to Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and Michael Jackson. Our Creative Director, Potsuki caught up with Jude to find out what inspires her to write and her "5 cardigans".

After a successful run of John Klark's latest play, as part of the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester. Read the full reviews, which describe the play as "powerful" and "beautifully written".






























Tickets are now on sale for John Klark's new play To The Dam which premieres on 18th July as part of the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester.























Press Release, John Klark's Midnight Sun

February 2015



We are delighted to announce the press release for John Klark's new play Midnight Sun, which will be showing at the Hebden Bridge Little Theatre on 13th and 14th March.

John Klark's Midnight Sun

March 2015



John Klark's latest play Midnight Sun showed at the Hebden Bridge Little Theatre. We caught up with John to catch up preparation for the play and two night shows on 13th and 14th March.

Hack Ballet Presents CounterPoint Shorts

May 2015



Hack Ballet presents CounterPointe Shorts - a platform for female choreographers to present new choreography which uses the point shoe, showing at the Conway Hall on 7th May 2015. We are delighted to suppor the Kickstarter campaign, further details can be found here.


Inside Blue Saifon's Notebook

August 2015



Coming soon - our Creative Director Potsuki catches up with poet and writer Blue Saifon to find out exactly what is her notebook for 2015.


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