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John Clarke - To The Dam Reviews

John Clarke's play To The Dam, premiered as part of the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester, in July 2014. Read the full reviews. The play was a one-woman show starring Jo Gerard and has been described as as "powerful" and "beautifully written".


August 2014


5 Stars - "Keeps the audience enthralled from beginning to end"


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Review - The Good Review


4 Stars - "Clarke’s script is ... impressive."

Review - Alison's Adventure in



"Smart and touching writing, together with an absolute gem of a performance by Gerrard."

Review - Cultural Shenanigans




"There’s real heart and soul in To The Dam, it’s one of those gems you want to watch again right away."

Review - Now Then Magazine



"To The Dam has a deep empathy for the impact of events on one woman’s life, and great credit must go to Clarke for his skilful writing and subtle understanding of the subject"

4 stars - "Clarke’s script is witty and wise"

Review - The Skinny



Jo Gerard as Lisa, rehearsing at Gaddings Dam

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