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Jude Perl Interview - Musician, Singer, Songwriter and 5 Cardigans

November 2014





Jude Perl is a singer/songwriter and piano player from Melbourne Australia. Her music and voice has often been likened to Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and Michael Jackson.


In 2012 she released her debut EP 3amfeaturing her single “Girls & Boys”. The single received regular commercial radio airplay all over Australia, and the music video was played on national TV, as well as being shortlisted for the St Kilda Film Festival.


Earlier this year, Jude posted a comedic version of herself singing Marvin Gaye’s hit “sexual healing” on You Tube. 


The video happened to be seen by the producers of a Marvin Gaye show and several months later, Jude found herself performing as a lead role in the highly acclaimed narrative concert “Let’s Get It On - The Life & Music Of Marvin Gaye” at the historical Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne.


Jude is currently recording her debut album with grammy award winning producer Brian Paturalski in Los Angeles. Our Creative Agent Potsuki caught up with the superbly talented Jude Perl to find out more about the her musical journey and what the next year holds in store.



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What inspired you to get into the music industry and how has the journey been so far?


My biggest inspiration would be watching all my heroes perform. Not just musicians or singers, but comedians, filmmakers, dancers, etc. I love artists/performers who are able to combine many creative elements to express something. I love musicals for that reason. watching Charlie Chaplin on a big screen in an old theatre, or getting to see Stevie Wonder live, moments like that have been really life changing.


What was the first song you recorded or wrote?


The first original song I ever performed in public was “change you”. I was 20 or 21 at the time. It was the first song I wrote that I didn’t totally hate! (only took about 20 years to get there hahahaha).


 We love your Girls & Boys video, what was the inspiration of this song and where did the idea come from for the video?


My good friend Hypatia Porter is an incredible video editor and designer, she came up with the concept of the video, and we worked with a Melbourne based production company called ‘Monster & Bear’ who brought it all to life. I wrote the song based on all the sort of cynical feelings I had as a teenager (and still now sometimes!), never really understanding how to “play the game” in the dating world. The song for me is really about respecting yourself (and others).


Adults can act like children in relationships (not being responsible, thinking they know exactly what they want, getting it, and realising it may not be the best thing for them), and on the flip side, kids are being trained to act more and more promiscuous at younger and younger ages. So that’s why Hypatia’s video idea was perfect and summed up exactly what I wanted to express.


 What are you working on at the moment and what’s next for you?


I’m in the middle of recording my first album, I’ve been working with grammy award winning engineer Brian Paturalski (Outkast), and at the moment I’m in New York working with Hypatia on videos for the new singles. Also, I don’t want to brag, but I’ve got a pretty amazing photo I took of this lamp in Santa Barbara (don’t worry, I’ll be posting soon).



What are your musical influences and how have they help shape your music?


I would say I’m heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder’s fusion of the soul/funk genre with beautifully implemented jazz harmony, the same with bands like Earth Wind & Fire & Jamiroquai and artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.


I love their infectious grooves with really interesting melodies and chords. I think lyrically I learnt a lot from listening to Carole King, I love how she says things really simply, but it’s always so powerful and deep. I also listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Sarah Vaughan and Flight Of The Conchords.










One of my favourite videos is your cover of Carole King’ “Home Again”, what inspires you to cover another artists song?


I really didn’t enjoy writing songs till I was about 20, and I have always loved so many styles of music and learning new songs has been a huge passion of mine since I was a kid. I think I learnt more about music by doing that than anything else. When a song is good, it doesn’t matter who wrote it, I feel just as connected to a song by Carole King or the Gershwin brothers as I do to a song I wrote that I enjoy playing.


How many musical instruments do you play and what others would like to learn?


I play piano and sing, I play a bit of guitar and drums. I would love to play bass. I think everyone could learn a lot from good bass players. Like, not just musicians, as in the world…. 


Where would you like to be in 5 years?


I would like to have at least 5 new cardigans… Aim high, that’s my motto! I also hope I have my own inflatable pool… But now I’m just being greedy… Ok 4 new cardigans.


What advice would you give to other emerging music artists?


Listen to your gut feelings, but be open to criticism from those you trust. Don’t ever be afraid to fail or put yourself out there, and don’t compare yourself to others (unless you enjoy feeling bad for no reason, then totally go for it! Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything …..)


What does music mean to you in 3 words?


3 words is too hard):






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